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Why Icynene?

1) Is the Icynene Insulation System a safe product?

Made of polyicynene foam, a water-based organic product

1) Icynene is safe for both you and the environment. Icynene is water-based, and does not produce formaldehyde, CFCs or HCFCs. It has been extensively tested in both Canada and the United States and found to have no harmful emissions.

Of all the building materials used in a newly constructed building, insulation can have a major, long-term impact on the quality of the indoor air you and your family breathe.

2) OK, its safe - but is it actually healthy?

40% of North American households have at least one family member who suffers from allergies or asthma, attaining maximum indoor air quality can be a major concern.

2) In independent tests, IcyneneTM improved indoor air quality significantly. It creates a comfortable draft-free, condensation-free environment in a single application. By sealing out dust, allergens, odors and pollutants, Icynene allows the air management system to be designed so that the indoor air quality is healthier than outside air. It does not emit gases or odors and offers no support to bacteria or fungus.

An Icynene insulated environment is highly recommended for those suffering from allergies, respiratory problems and chemical sensitivities.

3) Can Icynene products help save millions in healthcare costs?

3) The EPA recently rated rated indoor air pollution as one of the five most urgent environmental issues, accounting for over $1 billion in direct health care costs each year. The poor quality of indoor air is being blamed on a lack of proper ventilation and the building materials often used in homes, schools and offices.

In fact, the EPA, the American Lung Association (ALA) and the Envirodesic Certification Program, all believe that the air in most homes is likely to be ten times more polluted than the air outside!

4) Can the Icynene Insulation System reduce sound pollution?

Icynene is also ideal for soundproofing interior walls in your entertainment room and washrooms or around plumbing stacks to reduce the sound of water rushing to drainage below.

4) Icynene unique air-selaing qualities can help reduce airborne sound from penetrating your home.

If you live near a busy street or an airport, you know all about airborne sounds - the unwanted noises that can invade your living space, hindering your comfort and enjoyment.

The Icynene Insulation System is an effective barrier to airborne sounds. Its superior fit makes it an ideal sound proofing system, reducing airborne sound transfer through the roof, floor and walls. Outside noises such as road traffic, aircraft and trains stay outside. Inside, there are far fewer complaints about next door or next floor noises.